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A Year Too Long

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t post in a year… TBH I didn’t really even put many videos up on my YT channel either. I wasn’t stitching really and didn’t have much to say…

We lost our beloved 12 year old Border Collie/Blue Healer (Blue) in January. Our other dog, Scooter wasnt coping very well nor were we. So in early February, we welcomed our new little Border Collie Sadie into our family (pictured)


She is such a little terror, but we adore her.

As for stitching, I really haven’t stitched much at all. I did do a little here and there. But I completely lost interest… I only made one online order to 123 Stitch and still, I didn’t stitch (hubby and I made an agreement that I won’t but stitchy stuff if I’m not stitching.) I don’t have any finishes for last year either!!

This year however, I seem to be stitching more. I am really enjoying again 🙂 I have soo much on the go and I’m about to start another mini Disney Dreams kit.

I’ve put a bit away… Some I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish (like Red but she’s for another post) Some I have pulled out after sitting in a box for a year or so.

Here are some photos of where I am in current projects:

Left to right, Paws and Claws, Opal Fairy and Past, Present, Forever.

I’ll be posting a walk though of how I sort my Disney Dreams mini kits out over Easter, for now take care and thanks for stopping by xx


Nay 🙂


A Quick Update

Hey everyone,

It has been a very long time since I made a blog post… A lot has happened, I promise to do more posts and be more open about my life. I will be posting more about my life including my weight loss journey. I will go into more details in a few days as I’m off to bed…

Goodnight 🙂

Naomi xo


Cottage Garden Threads

Good morning stitchers!

I hope this post finds you well and ready for the holiday season. To go with my video and as promised, Here are the up close photos of the Cottage Garden Threads…2015-12-16 10.45.49

2015-12-16 10.46.24

2015-12-16 10.46.42.jpg

2015-12-16 10.47.05

2015-12-16 10.47.24.jpg


Here is a close up of my sampler with Rosella stitched 🙂



Here is a link to purchase these threads. The company is in Queensland. I, myself haven’t purchased from there as I can buy mine at a local quilting shop.

Here is also a link to convert you currency to Australian Dollars.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Naomi xoxo


My Châtelaine FINISH!!

Hey everyone,

I know I promised you some up close photos of my Châtelaine finish in my video 🙂 So here they are!! It’s very sparkly & I love the crystals in this one!!

2015-08-18 12.42.05 2015-08-18 14.57.43 2015-08-18 14.58.08 2015-08-18 14.58.33 2015-08-18 14.58.55


Naomi xx

New Changes…

Hey everyone!

So I’ve tried quitting sugar & I didn’t get very far before I went back to some old ways. I have had a rough 4 weeks & felt like I’ve needed that hit, that junk so I feel better because I am feeling down and it tastes so good… Do I feel better? Does it really taste all that good?

Short answer? No.

I crumpled in a heap Sunday night crying, because I couldn’t kick the crappy food away. Feeling really down about myself. I just want to be healthy again and not feel so tired and down all the time. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to lose the kgs and at one time I did loose 10kgs. But I ended putting more weight on! I was using the excuse that I couldn’t go to the gym because my husband couldn’t take me as I didn’t have my licence….

Well that changed 2 weeks ago and now I do. I can go to the gym during the day without relying on him to take me as I now have my licence and my car. So we decided that if I wanted to change my eating habits, and loose the weight, I needed to make some bigger changes.

I promised myself, that if I couldn’t get though quitting sugar, than I had change what I am doing. So yesterday, I joined a gym! Tomorrow I go and do my plan with a trainer and Thursday I officially start exercising again 🙂 It doesn’t stop there….

I need help with my food choices – simple. I cannot keep going the way I am… I have had some help in the past but it wasn’t like professional help. So on Saturday, I am going to see a nutritionist. She will go though everything with me, including, sleep habits, eating habits, my stress and anxiety levels. She will give me a food plan to stick to as well as give me motivation and support to help me become fitter and healthier! I am very excited 🙂

I’ll post again tomorrow after the gym…


Naomi xx

Hi everyone,

So it’s supposed to be week 4. Supposed to be anyway… I have had a rough month and a lot has been going on. So quitting sugar hasn’t been my top priority…

Don’t get me wrong, I have quit it in some respects, e.g. coffee and tea no longer have sugar at all. But I haven’t stopped the take out… It’s still being bought, and I’m still eating it! I am the only one to blame, no one else can get healthy for me. It MUST be me!

So I am going back to the start of I Quit Sugar week 1 and this time I must keep at it. It will be hard, I know but it is what needs to be done…

I will weigh myself and take some pictures tomorrow and start putting everything I’m eating into My Fitness Pal as well as wearing my MisFit again. I’m going to do this, I KNOW I CAN!!

Wish me luck 🙂

Naomi xx

There has been many questions over the last few years on how to wash your cross stitch projects once completed. There has also been a lot of stitchers who are completely against washing their projects. I’m defiantly one for washing! There are more pros than cons when it comes to washing (for me anyway) as I’ve grown up with my mum always washing hers, so I’ve never given it a second thought.

Yes, of course there are fabrics & floss that cannot be washed (hand dyed, over dyed & silks come to mind). I’ve washed my projects without ever any problems! Mickey is a Disney Dreams kit & I was worried that the red in his robe would run when I washed him, so I colour tested the colours I was worried about & much to my excitement, they didn’t! I went on to wash him & loved how he turned out…

So when it came to Do Bears? getting closer to being finished, I decided to share with you my washing process. I never do it without thinking about the floss/fabric & whether or not my project can actually be washed. The great thing about DMC is that the colours don’t run (I have heard that DMC reds have run but, I’ve never had any problems :)) so I wasn’t as careful with it as I was with Mickey… For Do Bears? there was a lot of dust & stains that were already on the fabric & I used a washable marker to mark out borders & the trees when I needed to. So after 15 months of stitching, I felt it defiantly needed a wash.

Here are the reasons why I do wash my work…

  • Dust – I tend to leave my projects out while stitching them for days at a time (my Châtelaine is the exception & is always put away) so they tend to get dusty!
  • Squashed stitches – This is something I don’t really worry about. I stitch with hoops so there can be squashed stitches at the end. If I didn’t wash, the stitches would pop back up after a couple of days without being in a hoop & after a good iron!
  • Fabric – It ends up looking dull & lifeless, especially if it’s a big project & I’ve been holding it for a period of time. Oils, stains & sometimes sweat from my hand can make it dull too.
  • Stitches – They too, can end up looking dull, squashed & lifeless for the same reasons just mentioned.
  • The finished look – The things I stitch will be framed, so it scares me to think of what would happen if I didn’t wash my work. After a wash, everything looks clean, crisp, the fabric is bright ,clean & the stitches have no dust trapped & they pop!

While I was filming, I took photos to show my process. This what I used…


  • The bucket I’ve had for years. I got it from the Reject Shop. I use it in my laundry sink when washing delicate items.
  • A towel. It can be any towel. I suggest an old one that doesn’t have any excess dye like new ones do. Or a white towel.
  • A delicate wash. Something like wool wash that you would use for hand washing delicate clothing or woollens. I use Softly, it’s an Australian brand so I’m not sure if you can buy it outside Oz.

I do not suggest washing your projects in dish wash liquid. I think it’s too harsh and abrasive for something so delicate. That is just my opinion, if you like or prefer to try dish wash liquid that’s cool too 🙂

Here is the link on what DMC recommends 🙂

Photos of the process…

BEFORE… Water is clear…


AFTER…. This is taken just before I removed the water… See how dirty is is?!


Once I have rinsed it, I put it on the towel, on a flat surface…


I then roll it all up, pushing on it to get all the excess water out…


I NEVER leave it over night to dry or even a couple of hours. Having it sitting there in the wet, may lead to the colours running… Even if colour fast!

Once the excess water is out, I iron it face down until almost completely dry…


Then I leave it to dry on a clothes drying rack, after I will give it another iron.

Here are some before & after photos of Mickey as the weather didn’t co-operate when I tried with Do Bears so I couldn’t get a good picture…

BEFORE!! You can see where the hoop was last & the colours look dull…


AFTER!! The colours are brighter & no more hoop marks 🙂


Here is Do Bears? completely finished!!


I hope you enjoyed my post! Remember if you are not 100% sure if the colours won’t run, COLOUR TEST FIRST!

The link for my YouTube channel is on the left side bar 🙂


Naomi 🙂

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