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New Changes…

Hey everyone!

So I’ve tried quitting sugar & I didn’t get very far before I went back to some old ways. I have had a rough 4 weeks & felt like I’ve needed that hit, that junk so I feel better because I am feeling down and it tastes so good… Do I feel better? Does it really taste all that good?

Short answer? No.

I crumpled in a heap Sunday night crying, because I couldn’t kick the crappy food away. Feeling really down about myself. I just want to be healthy again and not feel so tired and down all the time. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to lose the kgs and at one time I did loose 10kgs. But I ended putting more weight on! I was using the excuse that I couldn’t go to the gym because my husband couldn’t take me as I didn’t have my licence….

Well that changed 2 weeks ago and now I do. I can go to the gym during the day without relying on him to take me as I now have my licence and my car. So we decided that if I wanted to change my eating habits, and loose the weight, I needed to make some bigger changes.

I promised myself, that if I couldn’t get though quitting sugar, than I had change what I am doing. So yesterday, I joined a gym! Tomorrow I go and do my plan with a trainer and Thursday I officially start exercising again 🙂 It doesn’t stop there….

I need help with my food choices – simple. I cannot keep going the way I am… I have had some help in the past but it wasn’t like professional help. So on Saturday, I am going to see a nutritionist. She will go though everything with me, including, sleep habits, eating habits, my stress and anxiety levels. She will give me a food plan to stick to as well as give me motivation and support to help me become fitter and healthier! I am very excited 🙂

I’ll post again tomorrow after the gym…


Naomi xx


Comments on: "New Changes…" (2)

  1. Nina Whissell said:

    I’ve tried the sugar thing myself, first time successful but after a few years fell right back. Second time was this last spring with my sister-in-law. Unsuccessful.
    The first time was with a nutritionist, second time on my own. I think seeing a nutritionist is a great idea and I’m positive you’ll find success.
    I’m sending good positive thoughts your way!


  2. Good for you! I hope all these positive changes worked for you and if not try again when you are ready 🙂


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