Cross Stitch

My Châtelaine FINISH!!

Hey everyone,

I know I promised you some up close photos of my Châtelaine finish in my video 🙂 So here they are!! It’s very sparkly & I love the crystals in this one!!

2015-08-18 12.42.05 2015-08-18 14.57.43 2015-08-18 14.58.08 2015-08-18 14.58.33 2015-08-18 14.58.55


Naomi xx


Comments on: "My Châtelaine FINISH!!" (5)

  1. Nina Whissell said:

    Beautiful !!


  2. Your stitching is beyond beautiful it is gorgeous! The colors are so perfect. Certainly a job well done

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  3. Absolutely beautiful ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Suzy McClung said:

    This is so amazing!

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  5. Khristine Doiron said:

    It is beautiful! I just love the colors


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